BBS Set of 4Titanium Jaguar BBS Valves + Cap Cover

For sale set of 4 new BBS Jaguar/RS2 bolt valves with cap covers for BBS alloy wheels.

Valves and cap covers are made of titanium, therefore they are very light, strong, does not corrode and match colour to rest of the bolts fitted in the split rim wheel.


BBS jaguar wheels as: Monaco, Milan, Detroit, Montreal, Paris etc.

BBS RS2 wheels mainly fitted in VAG and BMW cars.


Valves should be fitted via 12 pointed spline tool, also available in our shop.

When fitting valves please do not overtighten valve insert or inflating tool.

Cap cover should be fitted with coin.

If unsure please call for fitting instruction.


BBS valve part number: 09.15.071

Valves comes with new Schrader valve core and new rubber o-ring.

Cap covers come with new rubber washers.

Total price including VAT: 94.95 GBP
TOTAL WEIGHT (with packaging):: 0.2Kg
Quantity: 36
Number of pieces:





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