Summer's come early this year. Please visit PW Motorsport in Clunderwen for a full air conditioning service and make sure your car is prepared for the hot weather!

An air con service removes moisture and air from the system which can cause damage/corrosion to the components. A service can improve cooling performance by replacing old gas, removing any dried balls of gas and correcting low gas levels due to evaporation (a common problem

Air Con Service - Just £50 - SPECIAL OFFER - Including Regas

  • Full air con service

  • Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from the system

  • Vacuum cycle to remove any dried balls of gas and create vacuum for pressure testing

  • Vacuum pressure test (service aborted without charge if major leak is revealed here)

  • Air con recharge (regas)

  • Waste PAG oil replaced

  • Leak detection dye added to aid detection of any leaks (repair not included)

  • Full pressure test

  • Visual check for leaks (slow leaks may require a return visit)

  • Pollen filters replaced upon request

  • Temperature check

  • Apply WURTH Anti bacterial disinfect

Our air con service takes approximately 40-60 minutes and can be done whilst you wait in our shop. We are able to service almost every make/model of air conditioning system thanks to latest SNAP-ON “Blizzard”.

Air Conditioning Faults, Leaks & Repairs

The cost of repairing any faults or leaks is not included in the Air Con service price. If you suspect your system has a fault or leak, please feel free to contact us before booking to discuss the matter. We offer competitive prices for all air conditioning repairs.

If we are unable to complete a service (due to major leak) we abort the service without charge. You can then choose whether to pay to reinstate the service to diagnose the leak and determine the full cost for repair. There would be no obligation to undertake the repairs, just to cover the service price for diagnosis (£30).

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